Best Food For Your Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are a beauty, fun and a colorful 
addition to your home or office. They’re slowly moves, and graceful fins give you a 
sense of calm and peacefulness. With the right care, they thrive very well. Caring 
for tropical fish calls for keeping the aquarium clean, maintaining conducive 
temperatures and most important of all, feeding them properly. Feeding is a 
simple process as long as you know your fish and understands which foods are 
best for them. Avoiding common mistakes will help you keep your fish contented 
and well fed. It is important to understand the eating habits of your 
fish. Study what they eat, when they need to eat and how often they should be 

Best Foods
keep your fish healthy and free from diseases, feed them with a great variety 
of foods. Just like human beings, fish also become bored when fed the same kind 
of fish food every day. The implication of this is that they eventually stop 
eating completely and you may not want this happening to your fish.

Tablet food
Tablet fish foods are a bit heavy and tend to sink 
to the bottom of the aquarium or pond. This is ideal if you have bottom 
feeders. However, this may not work well for all your tropical fish. Some will 
prefer to feed on the top, so this implies that you need to add floating fish 
food too.

Live foods
Most aquarium fish love live food. Unfortunately, 
 the majority of pet shops do not stock a large number of live foods. Therefore, you 
need to look for a good supplier if you have to provide your fish with these 
delicacies. Some of the live fish foods are; Spirulina, Tubifex worms, Daphnia, 
Glassworms, etc.

Dried food pellets
Dried pellets are appropriate foods for both small and large tropical 
fish breeds and are a popular choice amongst many aquarists. They contain most 
of the nutrients and vitamins that your fish might need. Dried food pellets come 
in two types. One type contains added air to make it float once put inside the 
aquarium. This makes it easy for surface feeders whose mouths are upturned. The 
other type of dried food pellets sinks to the bottom of the aquarium when it 
soaks sufficiently, which makes it perfect for bottom feeders.

Flake foods
Flake fish foods are the 
cornerstone of tropical fish diet. They are readily available, easy to dispense 
and store. However, you need to know a few basics about flake foods to ensure 
that whatever you are giving to your fish is the best. For instance, avoid dropping 
too much food in the tank.

The importance of proper 
food for tropical fish cannot be overemphasized. Worrying more about price as opposed to ingredients will not give 
you happy pets in the aquarium. Consider testing new “miracle foods” too in the 
market and see how your tropical fish respond to it. However, do not try this 
with your most valuable or favorite fish. Simply select a pair of cheap fish 
and isolate them in a different aquarium, feed them on the new food and observe 
their condition over time. If the food is good, then your fish should grow 
faster or become larger, become brightly colored or display other positive changes.