How to Breed Your Beta Fish

Also known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta Fish are not the easiest to breed around. It is going to be a long process for you and the fish, so you had better be ready to come out of the blocks running. When you do it right, the results are going to be so good you will wonder why you had misgivings in the first place. When you do it wrong, well, there is going to be a lot of missed experiences.

Looking to get this project on the road? Let’s dive right in;

1. Choose the right Betta pair
A good idea would be to ask yourself what sort of fish you want in the end. As such, you have to choose the right colors, knowing that the product will straddle the fence somewhere between the colors. Obviously, you also want to pick fish that are in great health so that the offspring is perfect.

2. Set up the tanks
The male and female need to be kept apart. The male tank should not have any gravel on its side, and the female tank should be the one where live plants are placed.

3. The right food matters
Live food is a great way, and you can alternate between shrimps, crickets, roaches and blood worms. If this kind of food is unavailable, then you can always go for frozen delicacies. It is however important that the fish feed natural at least a week before getting introduced to each other. Read more here on feeding beta fish.

4. Introduce the pair
Place the tanks in a way that the male and female can see each other clearly. Watch how they respond to each other. Always avoid putting the fish in the same tank before they’re comfy with each other because that has been known to result in compatibility issues and even in some cases, serious fights.

5. Have them stay in one tank
When the male Betta has built a large bubble nest, then that is your sign to move ahead with the plan. Allow the female into the male’s territory and keep looking at the pair. At first, the male will run around the female aggressively, but let that not worry you along as it does not escalate.

6. Fertilization
Once the Betta are comfy, the male will try fertilization by wrapping himself around the female. When the female hatches, the pair will start putting eggs in the nest. When all eggs are in the nest, transfer the female back to her tank.