How to Combine Fish in Your Tank 

Moving to a new house can be quite shocking for almost every creature. However, for a fish, it is even more tedious. This is primarily because their water tank is utterly unfamiliar for the new fish, and also because the water used there is of entirely different quality. You should always remember that even the minutest changes in the temperature of the water, pH balance and other relevant factors make a significant impact on the life of your fish. So in order keep them healthy and completely safe, here are a couple of measures that you can consider to make an easier transition for you fish.

When you get the fish and are ready to add them to your tank, follow these few steps 

  • Most fishes come in a sealed bag, so the first thing that you should do, is to take the bag, and gently keep it floating right above the surface of the water of your tank.
  • Now, let the bag sit on the surface for around ten to twelve minutes.
  • Take a small cup, fill it with water and then slowly add this water to the bag by opening its seal. You will then have to get the bag resealed and kept it floating for the next ten to twelve minutes.
  • Keep continuing the last step till your bag us full with the water of your tank. Now, use a net to take the fish out and gently to combine it to the tank from the bag. Specifically, ensure that you do not pour any additional water from your bag into your aquarium.

Once you do this, your fish can now swim along the waters and explore the entirely different ambiance. Keep the lights switched off for a couple of hours. This will give your fish the necessary time for adjusting. Also, while you combine a new fish to your tank, try to look out for all the relevant indications of aggression among the population of your fish.

Things to consider before combining fish to your tank

  • Always talk to an expert veterinarian to ensure that the species of fish you’re adding is compatible with the existing species.
  • Ensure that your new fish is the right size for their new environment.
  • Check the quality of water before combing the fish. The level of chlorine should be that of zero, and the pH of the water should sync with the tank water of the pet store from where you got your fish.
  • Make sure that your tank is spacious enough for the new fish.